The Lindsay Hospital has been a part of the community and City of Lindsay since the very earliest years in the 1920’s.  It started as rooms in a doctor’s office in a home on Elmwood Avenue, to come to the building and hospital facilities serving Lindsay and the surrounding communities from the early 1940’s until the 1990’s.

Lindsay Local Hospital District was formed in 1958 and covers a 47,066 acre that includes the City of Lindsay and its surrounding communities.  In 1995 hospital services were contracted to Sierra View Hospital District.  In 1990, the hospital was closed and no new operating entity could be found to take over the operations.  The hospital property reverted to the City of Lindsay.

The District shifted its focus from a hospital facility to providing assistance to what health services remained in the City, including the support of ambulance services, until the service determined it would no longer operate from the District provided facilities in the City.  The District assists the School District in its provision of additional heath care professionals to its students that may not otherwise be possible.

The District is committed to supporting overall wellness projects and services from the Lindsay Wellness Center and other locations in the City.  The District also assists in the establishment of clinics within its boundaries for the District residents.

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