As the local Health Care District, our mission is to meet the health care needs of the District residents through the provision of health care services, wellness projects, public awareness, and health education.  The Lindsay Local Hospital District was established to effectively improve and maintain local health care needs by:

  • Identifying and assessing health care needs within the District
  • Partnering with diverse resources and service providers to meet the health care needs of district residents.

The District is committed to supporting wellness projects and health care services from the Lindsay Wellness Center and other locations in the District.  The District also assists in the establishment of clinics within its boundaries for the District residents.


To support the fulfillment of the mission, the District’s strategic vision is to offer quality services that span the full range of health care within the District’s boundaries.

To provide quality health care, services, and facilities, to promote wellness, and to meet the health care needs of the District residents as a California special district for health care.